38 weeks!

How Far Along: 38 weeks and 5 days. Check out my bump from last pregnancy.

Size of baby: Almost 7 pounds.

Sleep: Scratch that, I won’t be sleeping until the kids go to college.

Total Weight Gain: 27 pounds. 

Symptoms: I’m 4 cm dilated. 4 CM. Umm……….! So that’s a symptom of the baby arriving soon right??

Movement: He’s got quite the kick. 

Maternity Clothes: Cotton dresses, leggings, comfy shirts.

Go-to eats: Watermelon. Brie & bread. Chocolate milk. 

Best moment of the week: Still feeling really good at this point. Not overly pregnant and miserable {which I wonder will actually happen…}. Also checking things off my list left and right with the help of my in-laws & hubby! Baby can come at any time now. Had a wonderful appointment with the midwife yesterday too.

Weekly wisdom: I was totally shocked when the midwife said I was 4 cm yesterday. I’ve never seen her so excited. During Drew’s “labor”, this was the point I was at after 9 hours of pitocin {leading to a c-section}. So this is an excellent sign that a VBAC is in my near future. I guess weekly wisdom would be “expected the unexpected”!

  1. dover said: Great news!
  2. electradaddy said: Oh my gosh! You’re almost there! I know you said you didn’t need my post until the 14th, but I’ll send it along tomorrow. Just so you have it!
  3. lovebump said: what! it seems like you just announced this pregnancy!
  4. swayinganyway said: Yay for dilation!!!
  5. lepetitbeetl said: So happy for you! 4cm?! Eeks!!!
  6. carolineandco said: Oh my gosh, I am so excited for you! Best of luck on the VBAC!
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