Let’s play… guess when the baby will arrive!


  • Due date is the 16th
  • 4 cm as of Friday
  • Currently, I feel a little “funky”, tired, crampy {day #3}
  • Our entire “to-do” list is DONE
  • Everyone I know who was pregnant {and due around me} literally had their babies during the past few days
  • Drew arrived 5 days early.

When do you think new baby will make his appearance?

  1. limitlesswholeheartness answered: Aww well since he didn’t come this past Sat. the 8th (Star Trek 46th anniversary & my dad’s 50th!) hopefully this Saturday, the 15th?
  2. barelymeasured answered: tonight!!??!
  3. thepreppyhippielife said: Tomorrow (Tuesday) :)
  4. thoughts-and-ponderings said: Maybe the 12th?
  5. thoughts-and-ponderings answered: Maybe the 12th?
  6. islandgirljam answered: I vote Wednesday! :)
  7. simplyarlie answered: September 12
  8. whitebrowndad said: 14th!
  9. definitelyjennifer said: My money is on going into labor tomorrow, baby on tuesday
  10. aubreysadventures answered: i am going to guess september 11th! good luck =]
  11. lepetitbeetl said: The tenth!!! So excited for you, except I am going to miss all of your adorable beach shots for a while ;) good luck mama
  12. babylately answered: tomorrow!
  13. anna--marion said: The 11th!!! So excited for you guys!!
  14. katunedited said: I’ll vote Tuesday :)
  15. electradaddy answered: Tuesday night.
  16. thebruhnettegazette said: 4 cm already?? I say Tuesday
  17. babytakesmanhattan said: My guess it Tuesday or Wednesday.
  18. runningforourbaby answered: Monday or Tuesday! come on baby
  19. sweetpeafairies said: 13th!
  20. ourlittlealaskanfamily answered: I say this Thursday!
  21. sarahandthelittleone answered: Haha. I think…in about three days.
  22. altogetherbeautiful answered: September 18th.
  23. ourbeachbaby posted this
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