38 Weeks.

38 weeks and 4 days :)


~10 days until my due date.

~Midwife appointment tomorrow.

~Meeting our Doula today (!!!).

~Went to Zumba this morning, and plan on going Friday. Am walking waddling down the Boardwalk twice a week.

~Wrote 33 thank you letters yesterday & plan on doing another 20 today (FINALLY nearly done with the 4th shower…).

~The house is getting a big clean this Friday!

~Need to hang photos on the nursery walls. (Printing them sometime soon would be a good idea.)

~I have a list of “labor inducing” food (so far none of it has “worked”… not that I’m trying today or tomorrow since there are two tennis matches).

~Haven’t felt any pain/contractions.

:) Come on baby!!!!!