Travel Edition: Bag Check!

After 10 days of a fabulous vacation in California, we arrived home at 1:30 this morning. It feels oh so good to be home :) Today will be jam packed with naps in the Lamby Swing, laundry, and grocery shopping.

Baby Drew was the perfect traveler during our trip!

I wanted to share what I packed, especially what was most practical. 

This is what was in my diaper bag for nearly the entire trip:

1. Plastic zip lock bags. We only had a poop explosion once (at In-N-Out), so these came in very handy for packing up soiled clothes.

2. Zutano Booties & Hat. These booties were a LIFESAVER. Drew kicks off socks like it’s his job, and these booties were un-kickable! California was very chilly, especially in the early morning & evenings, so I was thrilled that we had these. His feet were ALWAYS cold, so I often put socks/footies underneath the booties. The hat was awesome too. We even bought a second pair for when he’s older. Thank you Zutano for saving our trip.

3. Blankets. I kept 2-3 blankets with me at all times, different textures (soft fuzzy ones, heavier cotton), and always an Aden & Anais. I packed about 8, and rotated through them. When we were walking around San Francisco, I often layered him up with two of them in his stroller.

4. Farm Animals from the Skip Hop Activity GymAt home, Drew is a big fan of Mr. Cow & Mrs. Pig, so we brought them along to entertain him in his stroller, car seat, and on the plane. Worked like a charm!

5. Seventh Generation WipesAt home, we usually just use warm water during most of the (not explosive) diaper changes. I packed three packs of wipes for the trip, and only ended up using 1/2 of one. Probably because the baby only pooped 3 times on the trip! I like that they are unscented & chlorine free.

6. Changing pads. One soft one (that came with the diaper bag), and a waterproof sheet for quick changes in the bed. 

7. Seventh Generation Diapers. I always carried at least 8-10 diapers in my diaper bag at all times. (I packed nearly 100 for the entire trip: 10 days of travel, and we ended up only having to use about 70). I love love LOVE Seventh Generation diapers. 

8. Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover. I FINALLY ordered myself a nursing cover. How did I not have this months ago??? So so so practical for when you’re out in public, and the baby is hungry. I fed Drew all over the place: on the plane, in airports, in restaurants, at coffee shops, in a park, etc. I loved seeing his little feet peeking out from under the cover, moving his toes all around :)

9. Stork Sak Sofia Diaper Bag. I am madly in love with my diaper bag. With four outside magnetic pockets, perfect for stashing diapers, camera, & phone. The inside is a plastic fabric, with two zipper compartments, and about 8 other pockets. The shoulder strap came in handy when I was pushing the stroller and lugging bags through the airport. And I was able to fit everything I needed into it! So practical. 

10. Change of clothes for baby. I always carried an extra change of clothes for Drew. Pants, footies, socks, sweatshirt, onsie, etc. Very practical to have options, especially when layers were essential in San Fran.

11. Soothie Pacifiers. We didn’t use these as much as I thought we would. Once at dinner, during the wedding ceremony, and last night on the plane coming home. Drew normally just sucked on his hand/thumb/arm. 

12. Books. I only carried the books on the plane ride, we read them to him a few times, but he lost interest very quickly!

13. Dopp Kit for Baby. This included: A thermometer, Infants Acetaminophen, Alba Un-Petroleum Jelly, nail files, Weleda’s Calendula Diaper Care, and a nose sucker thingy. We actually didn’t have to use any of it besides the Un-Petroleum Jelly. I felt much better knowing that I had it all though :)

14. Burp clothes. Ok, so I totally overpacked burp clothes (I think I had packed about 10 for the trip). There were always at least 2 in the diaper bag. Very practical though.

*It seems like a lot of stuff, but surprisingly, everything came in handy, and I really felt well prepared in all situations!